Ashley’s Baby Sprinkle

Baby smiles and giggles galore

Ashley and Peter are having one more

Big Sister Macy has plenty to share

This is only a “sprinkle” to show that we care

Please join us to celebrate before Baby is due

They’ve got lots of pink, so think plenty of blue

So we are having a baby sprinkle shower and the invitations out the door and I thought that it would be a good time to go over some of the points that we talked about on Sunday. Especially the part about gifts. Some of you weren’t sure what appropriate gifts are for a baby sprinkle and I just wanted to run over a couple of points that might help. Namely, what is required for the baby.

The kids already have a lot of of the things that they need from Macy but there are a couple of things that can use a freshing up.

If you are like me it is a joy to give baby gifts, and it is probably my favorite category of giving.

After we had our baby, we received a present in the mail every week for several months from gracious friends and family. I’m telling you this so you are aware that the baby supplies accumulates QUICKLY.

I think that when it comes to baby stuff, especially for a second baby the right things need to be sent. Jeff was curious what sorts of things Ashley and Peter need so I wanted to put this together in the event you’re invited and in a pinch (aren’t we all) your gift will be a real hit.

So what can you get the happy family that has everything?

Some people may question the point of a hint, but I think it’s a fantastic thing to do for a second-time mom. It must be implied that expensive gifts are not expected, since she probably got big/expensive everything. But once a mother has babies (or more), she is likely to put the needs of his family above her own every day and will for the rest of your life then let her do a party to make her feel special!

Some general guidelines for gifts for the baby sprinkle:

  1. Keep it small – again, mom and dad are already burdened with things. They will thank you if you pass on that adorable but senseless teddy bear.
  2. Buy somewhere with easy returns. Ashley and Peter both agreed that they are going to be thankful for gifts with an easy return policy. Peter suggested Amazon – if they already have it, they only need to go about slapping a return label on it and walk to door.
    I had a friend give me a gift that needed to be returned soon after we had our baby from Kohls in the 80’s. Unfortunately, the closest was 30 miles from my home, and I was not willing to venture so far with a new baby to return some onesies that were the wrong size (Peter was a big boy.) Trust me, any new mother will thank you for this little attention to detail.

Don’t forget Macy’s. She would like a little gift of two, too.

If you have questions I will be home most of the week so you can call, text, or talk to me on Facebook. Next week we will be on a little excursion for a well deserved after Christmas excursion.