Testing The New Truck

Well, we were worried about ride to the fifth wheel of the truck again. Truck is significantly larger in bed than the old, and the hitch is also higher in bed.

My husband’s primary concern was that the 5th wheel can sit unevenly on the road with a lot of weight on the rear axle.

It was discovered through that these concerns were not valid.

Hitching was easy. The PIN weight pushed the bed F350 down (a bit) but truck and trailer was kindly attitude level-great start!

Trailer with the F350 was also a breeze, more than enough power and torque, especially on the road, but the real test was going to pass on Grapevine.

Our destination was San Diego and was a weekend long trip – starting Friday and returning the following Tuesday.

We set out to 19:00 on Friday night to try to avoid the traffic, with a plan to stop at one of the rest areas.

We’ve made great progress until the outskirts of Tracy where we got held up for about 1 hour due to a serious accident.

So we have again made good progress and then decided to stop at a rest stop before midnight and sleep there for 6 hours, broke early and try to avoid the traffic which was logic.

Get a good night’s sleep was not easy, not when you have a steady flow of 18 diesel locomotive bearing wheel in and out of the rest area, many running their generators for most of the night too … you might need to rethink this strategy for future long-haul trips.

We left a little later than expected (closer to 7:00), stopped only by the inclination of the vine to fill up with Diesel, coffee and for some services, breakfast.

Truck has not stopped the trailer of the vine no problem at all.

To avoid any overheating problems transmission, hubby used 3rd gear and let it rev, but tbh, I think I would have pulled quietly in the trailer without breaking a sweat.

This is exactly what we were expecting in the truck, that means you can stop worrying about which routes you can and can’t take the fifth wheel-I was really over weight limits with Titan that meant I didn’t have the confidence that I wasn’t going to get a little stuck up to some degree in the mountains!